Fulfilling all State Bar requirements actually begins when you are first admitted to law school. All first-year students in the JD program must initially register with the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California.

Upon completion of the first year, students in the Juris Doctor (JD) program at Concord must sit for the First-Year Law Students’ Exam (FYLSE) administered by the State Bar of California. The FYLSE is required of all students who have completed their first year of law study at a school not accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) or the State Bar.

What It Measures

The exam is designed to evaluate your substantive knowledge as well as analytical and writing skills. Your success on this exam reflects the knowledge and skills you acquired in law school. To continue at Concord Law School as a JD program student you must pass the FYLSE within the first three consecutive administrations after you become eligible.

Exam Frequency and Location

The exam is administered twice per calendar year: at the end of June and at the end of October. Test locations are San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Exam Requirements

This 7-hour, 1-day examination consists of four 1-hour essays and 100 multiple-choice questions in the areas of contracts, criminal law, and torts.

How We Prepare You

Concord's first year curriculum is designed to provide you with the substantive law knowledge and test-taking skills necessary to pass the FYLSE. In addition to your coursework, Concord provides a comprehensive review program known as First-Year Intensive (FYI). FYI, developed and taught by Associate Dean Steve Bracci, includes review lectures, practice testing with individual feedback, and online live exam-taking technique sessions.

Nationally Recognized Expertise

Associate Dean Bracci is a nationally recognized expert in regulatory exam preparation. As the finale in FYI, students join him the weekend before the FYLSE in the southern California exam location (generally Pasadena) for intensive review sessions to polish their knowledge and skills.

Since Concord students started sitting for the First Year Law Students’ Examination in October 1999, 3518 students have taken the exam. They have an ultimate pass rate of 49% (1116 first-time and 608 repeat-taker passers, for a total of 1724 students passing).

Grade Point Averages and Pass Rates

The statistics below illustrate various Concord first-year grade point average levels for students taking the FYLSE and the resultant pass rates.

First-Year GPA

First-Year Pass Rate

Greater than 3.0


2.7 to 3.0


2.50 to 2.69


2.00 to 2.49


Concord calibrates its grading policies within the JD degree program to deliver realistic and continual feedback for learners as they progress toward their educational and career goals. Concord's success in implementing this calibration provides a mechanism for students to receive continual feedback on their progress toward their licensing goals.

NOTE: In limited circumstances, students may continue taking law courses pending the results of the FYLSE. To continue in Concord's JD degree program, students must pass the FYLSE within the first three consecutive administrations after they become eligible. Passing within that period allows students to receive credit for all law school classes completed up to that time.